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It started from an idea I had
What started as a necessary convenience service for me and my friends has since developed into a team of staff which provides the utmost in top service that is now expected by our many SVC customers. They deserve and expect the very best not just in garment cleaning, but total valet care. That is why we are the Super Valet.

Then it just grew and grew
Since our start over ten years ago as a Personal Laundry Service, SPAwash has today become the Valet care specialist for many discerning international clientele that includes foreign counsels, ambassadors, top CEO’s and stylish individuals like you.

We understand our customers well
SPAwash has a fleet of vehicles that operates 13 hours a day within metropolitan Shanghai, offering a Full Suite of Valet service, including our unique Free Personal Laundry Service and our door to door valets are well trained and boast an 85% on time FREE collection and delivery service.

In a Quandary? Call David
We understand that life as an Expat in Shanghai could be frustrating and at times, downright stressful so everyone here at SPAwash pledges that we’ll do our very best to be there when you need dependable services. I myself have more than 15 years of working experiences in Shanghai and would gladly help answer questions you may have, business or others. Need to speak to an Old China Hand? Chances are, I can arrange for you to talk to someone who has “been there, done that”. I have personally helped many startup foreign companies in finding their way out of the maze. When you are in a quandary, call David.