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We are dedicated to providing you with quick turnaround and quality service, paying special Wattention to each of your garments and all of your preferences and individual requests.

  • Special Care Services
    Special care includes tailoring, shoes, curtains, rugs, leather and all other items that require non-standard care. All these are done with the highest quality yet with discounted prices.
  • Preparing Your First Order
    Please put your garments in any disposable bags (i.e. trash bag with tie handles) and clearly label it by writing and securely attaching to bag the following information:
    Mobile #:
    Special Instructions:
  • Attended Pickup
    While we encourage for you to meet with and get to know your route driver in person, we must also insist that any special cleaning and finishing request be in writing. You can simple write on the triplicate order form or provide the instruction on a plain piece of paper with your name, phone number and (if available) your SVC membership number.
    We discourage verbal instructions as our drivers’ English abilities are, for the most part, rather limited. Verbal instructions are, in many cases, “lost in translation”. Please try your best to limit verbal service requests to your route driver.
  • Unattended Pickup
    Please make sure that your garments are available for your driver at your service point (building management or concierge) by the time you indicate that they will be. If you would like your garments picked up the same day as your request, then your request must be placed before 9 am and your garments must be placed out at your service point no later then 10am. Any order created after 12 noon may not be picked up until the following day.
  • Speedy but Quality Service
    Your Personal Laundry Service and/or your special care order will normally be completed and returned the following day (24 hrs). Leather, tailoring, and other special requests may take more than one day to be returned and your Customer Service Concierge will contact you as to the ready date.
  • Easy Online PayPal System and More!
    Now that you're a SPAwash customer, you can your SVC anytime via WeChat payment.
  • Don’t Forget
    Refer a friend and receive 50% off your next order (ALWAYS)!


To start enjoying the best in personal laundry care please call (86 21) 6248-3123.

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