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Open Hours: Mon - Fri 9:00~17:30 Sat 10:00~15:00
Address: 1376 West NanJing Lu, Shanghai Centre, West Tower, Suite 319, Jing'an District, Shanghai

To Provide Lifestyle Enhancement Services and Products to Busy Shanghai Executives We are doing something revolutionary. This isn’t just about washing clothes. We are going to revolutionize our people’s lifestyle.
Now for the first time, clean clothes will be available, all the time, to those who do not have or could not afford an Ai Yi.
We are not to compete with or to defeat the other cleaners. We are to offer the best thing that is, until now, not available for our community.
We are Change Agents.
All of us have come together here to bring change to the community we serve, the make life infinitely better is the best thing you can do with you job and your life.