/Blog - Leather Strips on the Back of Hand Made Rugs /

On the back of many fine Persian Rugs, there are leather strips attached along the outer edge. These are usually thin leather strips hand stitched on to the back edges of the rug.

Typically, Persian Rugs are most fragile along the edges and this is the part that tends to unravel first. Especially in high traffic areas, where the edges will start to “roll” or “warp” with age causing uneven tension on the weave. These strips protect the edge of the rug and allow the rug to lay flat evenly on the floor. The strips are a very strong indicator that the rug was made in Iran (Persia).

SPAwash “Rug Masters” can now perform repairs to most of the fringes and selvages (sides) of the rug which helps to prevent any damage spreading and leather binding on the back which helps to keep the rug straight and in top condition.

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