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Here at SPAwash Rug Valet, we love our pets. However, they can make it a real challenge to keep your home clean, healthy and smelling fresh when pet accidents occur. Not only is it difficult to deal with a pet urine accident once one has occurred, but it's also tough to know where past accidents may have taken place, including accidents you may not have even known about. Using a special UV light, SPAwash Rug Valet can detect where pet accidents have happened and eliminate pet urine odors from your carpets, rugs and upholstery through our revolutionary cleaning process called P.O.R. (Pet Odor Removal). P.O.R. attacks the source of the odor and immediately begins a chemical reaction that destroys the pet urine odor. It's shown excellent results on even the most severe pet urine damage.

Tested and Proven Superior Results

An independent laboratory recently conducted multiple tests of our P.O.R. process. In tests against the most common odor sources found in dog and cat urine, this study found that P.O.R. removes an average of 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets. To go one step further, the study also concludes SPAwash Rug Valet removes an average of 99.2% of the bacteria that can be found in pet urine.

Eliminate Pet Urine Odors Forever

If not treated properly, the odor from pet accidents can travel through the entire home and impact your health and your happiness. The smell emitted from an accident area also often leads to repeat incidents in the same area until it is properly eliminated.
Pet urine in the carpet not only leaves an unsightly stain and an unpleasant odor, but it penetrates the fibers and contaminates both the carpet and the floor underneath. That's why it can require specialized cleaning, well beyond just a simple cleaning and treating. The longer an incident goes untreated, the more likely the urine odor is to permeate deeper and deeper into floors, walls and even the framework and foundation of the home. As the urine dries, the liquid evaporates but the urine crystals become even more concentrated and pungent. Simple cleaning will not remove this odor. To help rid your home of the smells caused by pet urine, SPAwash Rug Valet applies P.O.R. ĘC specially designed to eliminate pet urine odors at their source. While most cleanings only masks the odor, SPAwash Rug Valet's revolutionary Pet Urine Removal treatment works at the molecular level and destroys the urine crystals to fully eliminate the odor. With P.O.R., your most severe pet urine odors can be solved and your carpets, rugs and upholstery can be saved.

How P.O.R. Works

Our proprietary P.O.R. process is unparalleled in the industry. It's specifically formulated to break down molecules found deep in the carpet that are the source of the odors. First, our trained professional will do an inspection of your carpets with a special ultraviolet light. This light exposes any problem areas and odorous urine deposits that may not be visible to the naked eye.
Next, the carpet will be rinsed with our deep cleaning, patented Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning process to remove any liquid or loose urine crystals.
Then, we apply our amazing odor removal product, P.O.R., to each stain. P.O.R. travels deep into the carpet pad and even the sub-floor reaching areas that typical cleaning products or process cannot reach.
Once applied, P.O.R. goes to work breaking down all of the odor-causing elements over the next 24 to 36 hours. When each treated area has dried, the odor is gone for good.
At SPAwash Rug Valet, our goal is to clean for your health and the health of your family. We provide a healthier, longer-lasting clean for a happier home. P.O.R deep cleaning processes are?safe and non-toxic for you, your children, and your pets. By removing the odor, P.O.R. removes allergies and bacteria, making your home healthier and cleaner to stay in.

At SPAwash Rug Valet, we clean for your health like no one else.
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