/Blog - SPAwash RUG Valet uses a 7 step cleaning process /

This 7-step process is designed to clean effectively with minimal stress to the rug and to ensure the rugs stay clean and last longer.

  1. Dust suction –use of a vibrating vacuum to loosen the dirt and grime.
  2. Pre-treat solvent applied to loosen the dirt to make it easier for removal.
  3. Using special brushes, the solvent (safe-to-drink, PH7/CO2 based, diluted with water 10:1) is carefully worked thoroughly into the fibers.
  4. A small amount of 30 degrees water and mild rinsing agent is introduced to render the particles in suspension and allow particles to be extracted by high power suction (85%+ extracted)
  5. Professional medical grade antiseptic spray applied to protect the rug.
  6. Using a specially designed tool, the rug is massage to fluff up the pile and make it look like new.
  7. Rug is hung on special designed drying rack (with ventilator) for facilitated drying.