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Terms & Conditions

SPAwash provides dry cleaning and laundry services to in-store and delivery customers ("the Customer"). SPAwash processes the Customer's account in accordance with the Customer's Customer Profile. The following Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Customer Profile and will be adhered to by SPAwash. SPAwash reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Customer Profile

The information contained on the Customer Profile will only be used by SPAwash. SPAwash does not sell, or provide to third parties, its customer list or information provided on the Customer Profile. So long as the Customer is an active SPAwash' customer, SPAwash requires the Customer to keep the Customer Profile current. The Customer Profile enables SPAwash to better serve the Customer by (i) processing the Customer's garments in accordance with his or her preferences; (ii) contacting the Customer about garment problems; (iii) mailing special SPAwash promotional materials; (iv) accepting and deducting the Customer's Prepayments without prior written approval and verification; and (v) processing credit cards and PayPal payments of the Customer

Walk-In Service

SPAwash provides dry cleaning and laundry services on a normal 24 hours (except weekends and holidays) turn around. Same-day service is available upon request and extra charges may apply. To receive express service, dry cleaning and laundry orders must be received by 11:00 am and will normally be ready for pick-up/delivery after 6:30 pm.

Delivery Service

SVC members’ customers receive pick-up and delivery of dry cleaning and laundry at no extra charge for services over 200 RMB. The member's dry cleaning and laundry will be picked up and delivered in accordance with the instructions on the Customer's Customer Profile. No pick-up and delivery service will be provided on Sundays and holidays on which SPAwash is closed.

Drop-Off and Delivery Bags

SPAwash dry cleaning and laundry bags and bag tags are provided free of charge to SPAwash SVC members. Such bags and bag tags remain the property of SPAwash and will be returned to SPAwash if the Customer or member no longer uses SPAwash' service. Upon request, SPAwash will provide "stain" and “repair” stickers and inventory sheets for the Customer's optional use with the logoed bags. To the extent inventory sheets are utilized by the Customer, SPAwash will promptly notify the Customer of any discrepancy. If the Customer does not use an inventory sheet, the ticket, as marked in by SPAwash, will constitute the Customer's complete order.

Care Label Instructions

To protect the Customer's garments, SPAwash follows the Care Label instructions on each item it processes. If a Care Label is missing or has been removed from a garment, SPAwash will process the garment in accordance with guidelines for that type of garment established by the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute. SPAwash assumes no liability for garments that have missing or removed Care Labels.

Extent of Liability

SPAwash assumes no liability for items left with SPAwash over 30 days. Any difference in the number of items brought to SPAwash versus the number returned to the Customer, or any damage to an item, must be reported to SPAwash within 48 hours of pick-up or delivery of the item(s). Should SPAwash lose or damage a garment, SPAwash reimburses the Customer with a SPAwash store credit at the retail value of the lost or damaged garment with a valid receipt of purchase.


SPAwash is closed on Sundays and all PRC government mandated holidays and on Christmas and New Year Days.