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Do the membership privileges ever expire?
No, the privilege never expires as long as there is a positive balance in your Super Valet Account.

What is the best reason for me to join Super Valet Club, besides the prepaid cash bonuses?
A big reason for being a Super Valet Club member, other than the obvious savings, is the convenience. Many of our customers enjoy our Super Valet service, which is only available to our Super Valet Club members.

Super Valet service sounds great. How does it work?
It is quite simple! Since you have a prepaid card with a positive value balance, it is no longer necessary for you to be at home or office to wait for our pick up or delivery service. We will pick up the clothes from your building management office and deliver the clothes back to the management office for you to pick up at your leisure.

Is the membership transferable?
YES, it definitely is. If you DO leave Shanghai, you can transfer the membership to a friend or colleague. Just notify us and we'll arrange to have a new card made with your friend/colleague's name on it and courier it to them at their appointed address.