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Quality Leather can last a long time, but at some time it is necessary to clean it. However, cleaning leather and fur is different than cleaning a fabric garment. Each leather piece is uniquely made and requires its own special solutions and processes depending on its construction, leather type, finish and color.

SPAwash’ professional leather, fur and handbag care includes careful restoration of color and texture that can be lost as a natural consequence of the cleaning process.

If you wear blues or dark color jeans, you will most likely have experience some color from the jeans rubbing off onto the leather material on your purse or bag. Light color bags are especially susceptible to having blue jean dyes rubbing off onto them. This process is called "Crocking” and most cleaners are incapable of dealing with this type of dye transfer. If you have a purse or bag that is a victim of crocking, DO NOT wait! SEND IT IMMEDIATELY TO SPAwash. We have the expertise to handle MOST crocking cases!

Your handbags reflect your personality and style, and SPAwash can make sure that they continue to help you look your best. Whether your handbag is fine leather, tapestry or fabric, SPAwash will take the time and care to make it look like new.