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You are used to the top class service from your hometown cleaners and you expect that from SPAwash as well. We give you professional stain removal and environmentally safe dry cleaning services. Your garments are hand finished to keep them looking like new.

Our Shirt Perfect service keeps your shirts clean, crisp and bright. We hand finish all collars, cuffs and plackets. We replace broken or missing buttons at no extra charge.

We also offer a custom hand finished shirt pressed to your exact specifications.

SPAwash cares for your dry cleaning needs by utilizing the most modern technologies.

  • Environmentally Safe
  • Skilled Staff
  • Specific garment care instructions
  • Eliminates shine and impressions caused by hard pressing

Special care is given to all your dry cleaning. After we professionally finish each item, we ensure that there are no loose or cracked buttons as well as any minor repairs that need attending to, if so we will replace any button and provide minor hem repair at no additional cost. We guarantee that your clothes will come back looking, feeling, and smelling their very best.